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Artist Info

Artist Statement: 

 I create whatever wants to be created through me.  I usually paint without a clear understanding about what the final product will look like.  When the piece is done I like people to see what they want and define it for themselves.  I believe that art is deeply personal but speaks to people in different ways.

Artist Bio:

Anya Hall-Flores has always been a creative soul but started sharing her physical works of art with others in 2006.  As an abstract artist she has experimented with homegrown techniques and as many textures as she can get her hands on.  While she typically creates with acrylics she refuses to be limited to any one medium.  She has been known to use a myriad of found and recyclable materials, oil pastels, oil paints, liquid starch, markers, and even crayons.  Anya is deeply rooted in her culture, so many of her pieces have an ethnic or social theme.  Her inspiration is usually internal and lies somewhere beyond her conscience mind.  She also is inspired by others talents and life itself.

Since making the decision to share her art, Anya has been in several art shows, commissioned to create pieces, and has had her work showcased in a restaurant, libraries, and other local businesses.  She also started an art club for local teens called “Art How YOU Like It” which promoted expressing oneself through tangible visible art.  She would like to form a group called ARC (Artist Revolution Collective).  This collective will be a way for local artist to have control of their art showing experience, hopefully broadening the art community.    Anya is committed to making a statement through creativity in the world.